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Итак, мне стукнуло — 46.

Понедельник, Апрель 18th, 2011

И в день рождения я решил, что пора наполнить содержимым свой домен, который ждал этого момента более пяти лет.

Начну не торопясь. 🙂 (далее…)

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The Basics of the Training Session

Среда, Июль 13th, 2005

Integrity is one of any relationship's most important areas. Mastering just how to tell if somebody is resting could be an ability that is beneficial, particularly if you think somebody you adore is not being more -than- truthful with you. Habitual lying can be quite an indicator of a dilemma that is deeper, equally for that one who lies and for those she is involved with. For modest alterations in behaviour could signal an individual observing has issues with honesty. (далее…)

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